April 21

Staying in Business During COVID-19 with Ali Taylor

In today’s episode, joining us from Vancouver, British Columbia is our guest Ali Taylor. Ali is the co-founder of Jane Software Inc, whose software allows professionals to keep great records on their patients with complete customization. It focuses on small healthcare practices including chiropractic, acupuncture, physiotherapy, and nutrition. She recently launched her tele-treatment business, and it isn’t only to fulfill the necessary demands produced by the COVID-19 pandemic. It allows users to stay up to date with all the current trends paving the road to a better future.

“We’re always try to make things feel easy even if there is a lot going on behind the scenes.” -Alison Taylor

Topics discussed:

  • The effect of the current COVID-19 global pandemic on in-person health appointments
  • The difficulties faced while developing this business and the steps that served its fulfillment
  • Tips about feature additions in practices
  • Lessons learned by Ali as a result of having to adapt with what’s happening
  • The criticism towards charging people for Jane’s services during this pandemic
  • The haters Ali got when she grew her business
  • Working hard during difficult times to keep your practice running
  • Tele-health and its help in allowing patients to book appointments with the frequency they prefer
  • Unnecessary ER visits and the alternative solutions
  • The introduction of physician assistants
  • Jane’s availability and continuous free support

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Clinic Gym Radio
Staying in Business During COVID-19 with Ali Taylor

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