June 7

Skills of the Future Chiropractor with Rebecca Deyo

On today’s episode, we’re joined by Grand Rapids chiropractor Rebecca Deyo. Rebecca is the host of the Better Doctor Project Podcast, a platform for sharing knowledge that healthcare professionals wish they would have had in their training or learned sooner to help them become better providers.

There’s no way for us to realize how many people we are impacting because even when we impact one patient, we’re impacting their romantic relationship, we’re impacting their relationship with their kids, we’re impacting their social relationships, we’re impacting their work relationships, just by the care we’re providing them.” – Rebecca Deyo

Topics Covered Include

  • Examples of topics covered on Better Doctor Project
  • Two of Rebecca’s most memorable podcast guests and why you should listen to those episodes
  • How Rebecca has weaved enneagram types into her podcast
  • The moment she realized the potential of the Better Doctor Project
  • The common struggles health care professionals share
  • What stands out as a highlight of working in the healthcare field
  • What Rebecca foresees as the booming skillset package for future chiropractors
  • Rebecca’s dream for the future of chiropractic care
  • Why chiropractors belong in urgent care
  • The ways in which healthcare can be made better (especially for patients)
  • Why trust is foundational in seeking chiropractic support
  • How surveying patients could promote chiropractic care
  • What Rebecca does differently to strengthen her relationship with other medical providers
  • Why it’s important to look at what you do through the lens of others
  • Strategies for communicating with your patients effectively
  • Where you can find and listen to the Better Doctor Project podcast

Clinic Gym Connect – www.clinicgymconnect.com

Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
Skills of the Future Chiropractor with Rebecca Deyo

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