May 19

Showing Clients That You Care Amidst COVID-19 with Ryan Chapman

Dr. Josh Satterlee is hosting Ryan Chapman, whom he considers to be the PhD of marketing. Dr. Josh considers that going for a PhD in entrepreneurship to become an entrepreneur is the worst use of funds. Ryan shares that he has benefited from an entrepreneurship course in college, but the real lessons are learned from practice. In light of the COVID-19 crisis and the huge plunge in all businesses, Dr. John and Ryan will be discussing ways to tackle this difficult state of circumstances.

“If someone comes at you trying to sell something, or someone comes at you to ask how you’re doing, which one are you more likely to open up to? It’s an easy, easy answer.” -Ryan Chapman

Topics covered:

  • The rise in the necessity to re-engage clients and the best ways to do it.
  • Checking on clients regularly to show them how much you care and expressing your genuine concern
  • The various ways and different mediums businesses can use to express concern and check on clients
  • The effectiveness of email and the amount that actually end up being opened and/or read in full
  • Being right to the point when sending an email to someone
  • What to be aware of when texting
  • Calling isn’t ideal for a variety of reasons
  • Warming up to avoid the awkwardness of first-time texts
  • Time as a hard limit for chiropractors
  • Communication and its help in boosting our income

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Clinic Gym Radio
Showing Clients That You Care Amidst COVID-19 with Ryan Chapman

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