March 2

Setting up Your Gym for Profit With Tony Gracia and Dr. Josh Satterlee

On today’s episode we are joined by Tony Gracia. Tony is the Owner and Head Trainer at Industrial Strength in Portland, Oregon. A lot of listeners have questions about opening a gym, and as he recently hit the reset button and opened his gym in a new space, Tony has a lot to share on this topic. Tony discusses everything he learned about opening a gym, including what his most profitable changes have been and what he would have done differently.

Strength, endurance, and mobility are our big three. There are certainly other things that are valuable, but those are our big three that we focus on and we try to be the best out there for those.” – Tony Gracia

Topics Covered Include

  • How Tony came to open his own gym
  • His initial vision for the gym and how they adjusted based on feedback
  • What Tony would have done differently
  • How they manage their group classes
  • What prompted him to move the gym location
  • How to prioritize the equipment in your space
  • Weightlifting becoming mainstream and how this has changed the industry
  • What you can do to ensure your customers stick around long-term
  • Why accessibility is so important in planning your gym layout
  • Which classes rank highest in ease and profitability
  • The pros and cons of holding Jiu Jitsu classes
  • People's attitude towards martial arts versus fitness
  • Advice Tony offers for those starting a gym
  • What amenities really matter to the customer
  • Why your facility needs to be authentic to who you are


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Setting up Your Gym for Profit With Tony Gracia and Dr. Josh Satterlee

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