December 6

Setting Hours for Your First Set of Classes

When should your first set of gym classes be scheduled? That’s what we’ll be discussing on this episode of Clinic Gym Radio. First of all, knowing why this is so important will help you answer the question effectively. Plus, there are some simple solutions you may be missing which are shared throughout the episode.

If you're looking at when you should run classes or how you can make revenue, I would go to your local gyms; go at those different times and find out when they are the busiest. The second question to ask is: when are they busiest with your type of client?” – Dr. Josh Satterlee

Topics Covered Include

  • What to consider first before scheduling gym classes
  • The opportunity that you have to illustrate the mission and values of your business
  • What to do if your gym hours are disruptive to your clinic
  • One of the best aspects of having a clinic gym hybrid model
  • The typical times most gyms see the highest traffic
  • Why you need to consider your ideal clients before choosing a class time
  • Examples on how timing differs between client demographics
  • How sharing space could influence the timing of your classes
  • Why memberships are the best business move you can make
  • The power of predictable revenue
  • What cash-based rehab is and how it benefits your business
  • Instances in which you should double-check your state laws
  • Different ways you can maintain line of sight
  • Why having a CA trainer is better than hiring another associate

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Clinic Gym Radio
Setting Hours for Your First Set of Classes

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