October 25

Sales and Marketing Tips with Justin Rabinowitz – Part 1

In the first of two parts, we’re joined by Justin Rabinowitz. Justin currently owns three businesses, and has moved away from clinical practice and into coaching and consulting. He is passionate about helping chiropractors make a great living. Throughout these two parts, he’ll share helpful tips for sales, marketing, and turning ideal patient leads into patients with ease.

Sales is way easier if your marketing is good. They work together. So, if our marketing manager does a good job, and then the front end does a good job, the doctor has a very easy sale.” – Justin Rabinowitz

Topics covered in these two parts include

  • The unfortunate dichotomy that exists in many health clinics
  • The backstory of Justin’s career
  • What prompted Justin to start his journey into sales and marketing
  • The struggle to sell even when it’s necessary
  • Why providing context to your patients is so critical to selling
  • Why consistency is key to attracting your ideal patients
  • Where chiropractors can build their costs into the back end
  • The biggest mistake new clinic owners make
  • A tip for gaining confidence as a new clinic owner and why it matters
  • How to become your patient’s advocate
  • Why knowing your ideal patient is key to increasing traffic
  • The key to selling successfully during seminars and workshops for rehab chiropractors
  • How selling is actually in your ideal patient’s best interest
  • Key ways you can help your service sell itself
  • The best way to structure your seminars or workshops
  • How to manage expectations of generating clinic leads
  • The best language to use to get leads to book a discovery with you

Clinic Gym Connect – www.clinicgymconnect.com

Justin’s Instagram: ​​https://www.instagram.com/justinrabinowitz

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Sales and Marketing Tips with Justin Rabinowitz - Part 1

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