January 28

Rehab to Fitness with Thomas Teter

Thomas Teter is a chiropractor based in Kansas City, Missouri. He operates out of a 12,000 sq. ft. gym, with half functioning as a standard gym and the other as a training space. Thomas is currently working on his new program Rehab to Fitness where he gives clinicians a plug-and-play-plan. Rehab to Fitness gets them to think about what fitness looks like from start to finish, how to introduce a new product to market, and help their clients bridge the gap between their current capacity and their goals.

You want to talk about a practice builder, add fitness as part of what you’re doing, as it’s part of what people need anyway… You’re just doing it under your brand and your expertise.” -Thomas Teter

Topics covered include:
-The biggest difference between good and great clinicians
-Using small, variable changes to make big program improvements
-One of the best things you can do for your resume
-Benefits of working with minimal resources
-Integrating technology into clinic work
-Properly presenting information to current and potential clients
-Working with athletes from sports you are unfamiliar with
-TPI education
-Entering a new market
-Advice for new chiropractors in a changing world
-Working to improve performance rather than just eliminate pain
-Expanding your portfolio to new sports

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Rehab to Fitness

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Rehab to Fitness with Thomas Teter

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