July 21

Recovering from Shoulder Tears and Pops with Dan Swinscoe

In today’s episode of Clinic Gym Radio, Dan Swinscoe joins Dr. Josh Satterlee. Dan is a physical therapist in Seattle, Washington who is a true believer in the blended gym model. Dan wanted to challenge himself and began powerlifting although he was 53 years old and had some concerns with his arthritic knees. He had 2 months’ notice to train and began bench pressing to see what his maximum weight was, when all of a sudden, he felt a small pop in his shoulder. He figured that was his maximum weight and kept training. On the day of the competition, the pop made itself known again and on his third bench press, something teared, twice – his rotator cuff.

“I’d have to use my right arm to lift my left arm. The day I was actually able to hold my left arm all by itself was a cool day.” – Dan Swinscoe

Topics covered include:

  • When Dan regained his confidence to decide he didn’t want surgery
  • How Dan approached his injury with his PT knowledge
  • The psychological fear that occurs with an injury
  • How Dan worked his way back up to TRX pushups, despite his fear
  • Exercises and ways to regain movement and function after an injury
  • How a lot of things that were scary to Dan actually ended up being beneficial
  • Sandbags versus kettlebells – the benefits in rehab
  • The importance of the question – “does that hurt or is that scary?”

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You can get more information about Dan’s clinic, Peak Sport and Spine, here.

Dan on Instagram: @danswinscoe

Dan’s YouTube channel

Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
Recovering from Shoulder Tears and Pops with Dan Swinscoe

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