April 27

Pushing for Performance with Cassandra Strunk and Kyle Young

Today we are joined by Cassandra Strunk and Kyle Young from Kabuki Strength, a company that designs, engineers, and manufactures innovative equipment. They also provide coaching and education. Cassandra and Kyle are with us to discuss creating a recovery program tailored for powerlifters, the importance of building a network of medical practitioners and clinicians, and creating plans that are flexible and adaptive to client needs and circumstances.

“I think if you work with the right people you can still progress, you can still load, without the fear of injury.” – Cassandra Strunk

Topics covered include:

  • How Cassandra and Kyle got involved with Kabuki Strength.
  • About Kabuki’s new recovery program.
  • Creating tailored recovery programs for powerlifters.
  • The role of exercise in recovery.
  • Moving away from the “all or nothing” approach to training and recovery.
  • The emotional impacts of being injured.
  • Identifying client goals to coach effectively and safely.
  • Creating a reliable network of communication between clients, trainers, and clinicians.
  • Understanding movement priorities for clients.
  • Building trust with clients and clinicians.
  • Balancing staying in your lane and questioning a clinician’s approach.
  • Pushing your clients to perform.
  • Limiting client regression.
  • Creating collaborative programs between trainers and clinicians for the client’s benefit.
  • The necessity of using unifying language.
  • Creating adaptive and flexible plans.
  • Utilizing client self-assessment to inform training plans.
  • The importance of having the right tools for exercises.


Kabuki Strength: https://store.kabukistrength.net/

Contact Cassandra: [email protected]

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Clinic Gym Radio
Pushing for Performance with Cassandra Strunk and Kyle Young

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