November 19

Protecting Your Clinic Gym Hybrid from Lawsuits with Ken Reinig

Today we are joined by Ken Reinig, speaker and health club insurance expert. Ken focuses his attention on the variety of controversial issues that club owners must be knowledgeable about in order to reduce exposure to lawsuits. Ken insures over 3,000 health clubs nationwide, and his company also handles the risk management side of things. This includes everything from what type of waivers you should be using, how to fill out an incident report, and sexual harassment training. Risk management is about having a procedure in place for when a lawsuit is presented.

“The courts side time and time again with an employee who is badmouthing the company on social media.” -Ken Reinig

Topics covered include:
– Suggestions around employees’ use of social media at the gyms.
– Employee who badmouth a company on social media and how courts have been handling these situations.
– Getting named in a lawsuit.
– The likelihood of a gym-goer seeing a personal injury attorney after hurting themselves but telling management that it was their own fault.
– The importance of documenting everything (video is the best, by far).
– What happens when you change insurance companies after an incident occurs?
– First steps after getting a letter that says you are being sued.
– Ridiculous lawsuit prices.
– Getting the certifications for personal trainers. If someone gets injured before they have the training, what happens?
– Recommendations for reading through your insurance policy.
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Protecting Your Clinic Gym Hybrid from Lawsuits with Ken Reinig

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