October 11

Progressions & Regressions of Career, Life & Family with Keith Yoho

Keith Yoho is back as a guest for this episode. He is a chiropractor who focuses on strength and endurance while supporting his client’s individual needs. This time around, Keith discusses the trajectory of his career since graduation as well as his top three tips for building a thriving practice.

I want us to be able to create good chiros. I don’t necessarily want to go do that on a weekend basis—I want to actually be there for their development.” – Keith Yoho

Topics Covered Include:

  • How Keith’s career has progressed since becoming a chiropractor
  • Why Keith’s early experiences gave him a high expectation of care
  • The accident that led Keith to surprisingly positive outcomes
  • How covering for other chiropractors led to building important relationships
  • Why Keith and his partners decided to launch a new program
  • The moment he knew they hit their stride with their new clinic gym model
  • The best strategy Keith used in growing his business
  • What Keith learned in using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)
  • The factors that motivated him to move to Arizona (and eventually out of Arizona)
  • The tools that helped Keith up-level the skills he brings to his clients
  • How Keith collapsed the timeline around his goals
  • His passion for developing great chiropractors and how he plans to do that
  • Why Keith is busier now than he’s ever been
  • The importance of making connections with other medical professionals
  • The right way to approach reaching out to other professionals

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Clinic Gym Radio
Progressions & Regressions of Career, Life & Family with Keith Yoho

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