February 4

Physical Therapy for Golfers with Maureen Olsen

Today we are joined by Maureen Olsen, a top PGA Pro golf coach in the Midwest area. PGA Pro golf coaches are those who are certified professionals through America’s PGA golf curriculum. Maureen is based out of two public, municipal golf courses within the Kansas City area and prefers to teach with a holistic approach. Over the past six years where she has been based out of these courses, she has taught thousands of lessons to all levels. Her and Josh discuss what they believe to be a “gold mine” of potential business in the golf and physical therapy industries.

Don’t be afraid to go knock on doors, be persistent… Don’t be afraid to reach out.” -Maureen Olsen

Topics covered include:
-Making contacts in the industry
-Using a holistic approach to coaching
-Benefits of a team approach with sports and physical therapy
-Improving physical health and how it’s connected to improved skill and reduced pain
-Using a hands-on approach
-Maureen’s ultimate setup for a relationship with a PT/chiropractor
-Instilling trust in students/customers
-Integration of technology in training and health
-Importance of positive word of mouth, distribution lists, face to face contact
-Simplicity in workouts without major equipment
-Working in an area where people want to improve/get better

Check out performbetter.com and the three-day training summits they offer in Orlando, Chicago, Providence, and Long Beach.

Reach out to Maureen through her Instagram: @maureenolsengolf

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Physical Therapy for Golfers with Maureen Olsen

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