January 27

Performance Golf with Dr. Lindsay Becker

Dr. Lindsay Becker is a Sports Physical Therapy Specialist and Titleist Performance Institute-certified Golf Fitness Instructor and Medical Provider. She is the owner of Buckeye Performance Golf in Columbus, Ohio and has been helping golfers of all ages to improve their game. Listen as she discusses how she started her hybrid from a 1700 sq ft to a 8000 sq ft facility featuring the best in golf performance.


” Just the one or two tips can make a big difference” – Lindsay Becker

  • How she started her business and how it's specifically around golf performance. Her experiences working with teenagers where you have to have a “thick skin” and her strategies to motivate them, the general population and professional golfers.
  • Having the right people in running a business, people who have the right strengths that you don't have. 
  • How, as a performance coach, it helps that you know terminologies and basics of the sport to connect more with your clients and understand them more. 
  • What aspect of playing golf makes a big difference when developed. 
  • How this business model will only work on sports where lessons are necessary and generally accepted. 

Crucial Takeaways:

  • A good golf posture and learning how to “hip hinge” properly can dramatically improve your swing, reduce back strain and can make you play better. 
  • As a business with three departments, you have to have various options on how your clients buy your services. Packages of different services are good but you have to have an a la carte option.
  • How her clinic hours look like and what supplies does she usually use. What gym equipment do they have.
  • For people who wants to start a business like this with a 1500 sq. ft, not all treatments have to go on in a private office. It depends on the model of how you're seeing people and how often. 
  • Know your niche, like golf, and find out who's is working with your target population, their influencers and start working with them. This helps to get your name out.

Catch Lindsay online:

Website: http://www.buckeyeperformancegolf.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LindsayBeckerDPT/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lcbecker/?hl=en

Structure and function: https://structureandfunction.net/

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Performance Golf with Dr. Lindsay Becker

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