February 18

Patient-Centered Chiropractic Medicine with Craig Liebenson

Today we are joined by Dr. Craig Liebenson, the director of L.A. Sports and Spine, a pain management, rehabilitation & performance enhancement center based out of Los Angeles. Dr. Liebenson is one of the most forward-thinking chiropractors of our time, changing the way people view and practice both rehab and chiropractic medicine. He has recently published the third edition of his textbook, Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Patient-Centered Approach. He believes this edition offers a better understanding of bio-psycho-social, patient support systems, and self-care.

“Give people tangible hope with an achievable plan.” – Craig Liebenson

Topics covered include:

-Which of Dr. Liebenson’s core beliefs have changed between the new and old editions of his book
-Accepting that you are not always the solution in someone’s success
-Thinking inside the box – getting creative within your constraints
-How Dr. Liebenson went against the grain at the start of his chiropractic career
-Gamification in chiropractic medicine
-Empowering patients to self-care
-Over-treatment resulting from over detection
-Working with different patients with different healing criteria
-Using exercise in a patient-centered approach and making moving a positive experience

Connect with Dr. Liebenson and check out the newest edition of his book on https://firstprinciplesofmovement.com/

Check out performbetter.com and the three-day training summits they offer in Orlando, Chicago, Providence, and Long Beach

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Patient-Centered Chiropractic Medicine with Craig Liebenson

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