November 2

Orthobiologics for Pain Management with Dr. John Schultz

In this week’s show we’re welcoming Dr. John Schultz. He is one of the founders of the Centeno Schultz Clinic in Colorado which specializes in orthobiologics. John believes in addressing his patients’ pain-management with integrity. He loves seeing his patients win and shares some of their stories on the podcast today, as well as the many ways in which his clinic approaches pain differently.

In the last three months we have personally helped three people obtain a goal. Like, a life-changing goal. There was a 75-year-old who had… he called it a trophy elk hunt. That’s all he’s been talking about for the last three years, but he had this sciatica. But he kept saying ‘I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it.’ And he did it.” – Dr. John Schultz

Topics Covered Include

  • Where John’s career began and what inspired how he has approached pain at his clinic.
  • Why it’s important to seek alternatives to orthopedic surgery.
  • Recent wins that clients have had inside the clinic.
  • The role orthobiologics play for patients who have chronic pain.
  • The specific conditions that are best served with the kind of treatment John offers.
  • What John is introducing into the lumbar and cervical discs with great success.
  • What can happen if you go to surgery before trying other options.
  • How the Centeno Schultz Clinic has adopted the chiropractic model.
  • Why John emphasizes making a difference in the community.
  • The best time to catch a problem with a patient and why.
  • How far before a marathon clients should avoid a procedure.
  • The epidemic impacting young women right now.
  • How changing his approach to pain has positively influenced his patients.


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Orthobiologics for Pain Management with Dr. John Schultz

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