February 14

Mindi Boysen Shares Tips of How to Work With Country Club Golfers

In this episode we’re joined by Mindi Boysen, who owns The Club at Fit for Golf, Fit for Life in Scottsdale, AZ. Because the majority of Mindi’s clients are golfers, she’s had some very unique experiences as a trainer. She’s just recently opened her business, and during the episode she shares what this experience has been like so far from assembling her team to creating a fun, inviting space.

Am I scared? No—because I’ve already come this far, and we’re only a few months into this.” – Mindi Boysen

Topics Covered Include

  • Mindi’s transition from a teaching career to a training career
  • How her own personal health issues informed her approach to health
  • What brought Mindi to Scottsdale
  • The unique features of working with country club clientele
  • How to attract clients in a country club setting
  • Why continuing education is important for a successful career
  • How Mindi made a name for herself as a female trainer in the golf industry
  • Why Mindi decided to start her own business and what her new space looks like
  • Why Mindi emphasizes the value of team in her business
  • The members of Mindi’s team, the services they offer, and why these services were chosen
  • The two types of golfers Mindi typically works with
  • Why relationship building is crucial for a successful golf-focused training practice
  • Tips for standing out in a competitive fitness space
  • What she’s expecting for the first few months of her entrepreneurial venture
  • A tip about collaborations for new business owners

Connect with Mindi Boysen:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fitforgolf

Website: https://www.fitforgolfusa.com/

Trust Driven Care – https://trustdrivencare.com/

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Mindi Boysen Shares Tips of How to Work With Country Club Golfers

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