March 21

Live in St. Louis at Winchester Spine and Sport – Part 2

In this second live episode, we’re joined again by Dr. Curt Kippenberger, Dr. Taylor Premer, and Dr. Peter Roy. This was recorded during a Clinic Gym Hybrid Live Event in St. Louis at Winchester Spine and Sport, which is the worldwide head courters of Brett Winchester and his crew. This time, Dr. Nolan Clausen also joins us to add some insight to the conversation.  

This isn’t a pain model; pain is not a great indicator of someone achieving function human” – Josh Satterlee 

Topics Covered Include 

  • When is your patient done? What dictates recovery? How long should they be treated?
  • Long-term care plans to ensure long term health.
  • What are good addictions? What are the risks associated with painkillers?
  • How to use passive care by changing lifestyle habits.
  • In what ways do personal lives of patients effect their treatment.
  • Is it possible to overtreat a client?
  • Determining whether a patient needs additional treatment such as surgical treatment.
  • The importance of personal relationships in getting to the root of problems.
  • How to reapproach problems in ways to benefit your patients.
  • Knowing when to refer your clients to additional resources outside of your practice.
  • Gaps in communication between working in clinics and movement therapy.
  • The lack of access to knowledge which is where clinic gym hybrids come into play.
  • The potential and opportunities that Josh has to offer.
  • Keeping ethics in mind over financials.
  • The passion each doctor has to offer the best care.
  • Why you need to be competitive, but not pretentious.

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Live in St. Louis at Winchester Spine and Sport - Part 2

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