March 14

Live in St. Louis at Winchester Spine and Sport – Part 1

In part 1 of this episode, we’re joined by Dr. Curt Kippenberger (who is an assistant instructor for Josh). We also welcome Dr. Taylor Premer and Dr. Peter Roy, who both work as chiropractors at Winchester Spine and Sport. This episode was recorded during a Clinic Gym Hybrid Live Event in St. Louis at Winchester Spine and Sport, which is the worldwide headquarters of Brett Winchester and his crew.

Human beings are always scared of things they don’t understand. Help them understand it.” – Josh Satterlee 

Topics Covered Include 

  • The diversity that the clinic seminars brings to trainers, doctors, and CA’s. 
  • What Dr. Curt learned from the clinic and how it relates to his practice, progression, and regression.
  • How much more value you can bring to your patients. 
  • The way to change patient mentality in their healing process. 
  • Creating a safe environment by teaching and doing. 
  • The breakdown of how to start, including financials, tools, and space. 
  • Building around customer service, and how to make a better experience.  
  • Importance of first impressions such as cleanliness. 
  • Ways to get your staff on board with small details to increase your business impression. 
  • The importance of doing regular audits within your business.
  •  What level of standard do you want to set?
  •  How to go above and beyond for your clients via buying into them.
  •  Addressing the biocycle social factors in messaging.
  •  Breaking down cliental anxiety before they have anxiety.
  •  Confidence in your own products and experience.

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Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
Live in St. Louis at Winchester Spine and Sport - Part 1

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