April 19

Inside the Hiring Process with Nick Baker, Nate Baker, and Keith Yoho

Today we’re joined by Nick and Nate Baker plus Keith Yoho from Total Performance. Our three guests share insight into their hiring process, the specific pain threshold they would feel comfortable having their personal trainer assist with, and what happened in their practice when their lead trainer decided to quit and start her own business.

That entire time that she was helping train, she was setting up her own personal training business, and she created all of her content, her website, her Instagram, her Facebook, all of that stuff, on our dime. She was literally doing some of that on our computers at work when we weren’t watching.” – Nate Baker

Topics Covered Include

  • The layout of Total Performance including the gym and the clinic
  • Why they aren’t sure if they will bring on another trainer soon
  • How many appointments they schedule in their clinic overall each week
  • How they determine which potential trainers to hire
  • The benefits of implementing a longer assessment process
  • How to know the threshold of patient pain your personal trainer is equipped handle
  • Strategies for emphasizing a higher quality of care in your clinic
  • How being overbooked keeps you from helping clients effectively
  • What most gym members are likely to do within a year
  • The benefit to hiring trainers as employees versus contractors
  • What happened when their lead trainer quit unexpectedly
  • When investing in team members comes back to bite you
  • Why and when it’s important to give credit where it’s due
  • What they learned from an uncomfortable situation in their business
  • The book Nick, Nate, and Keith all started reading
  • The importance of having systems and strong communication across the business

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Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
Inside the Hiring Process with Nick Baker, Nate Baker, and Keith Yoho

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