July 20

Infinite Banking for Clinic Gym Owners with Brent Kesler

Let’s welcome Brent Kesler. Brent is a Chiropractor who owns five clinics in the Kansas City area and has a deep understanding of finances. After learning about and implementing the infinite banking concept, Brent was able to get completely out of debt. He now teaches this concept to others so they can build and create wealth.

I was able to put this concept into place, and I was able to pay that debt off in 39 months… I never had to work any harder, change my cash flow, take any additional risk, or lose control. All I did, Dr. Josh, is add one step in my financial life.” – Brent Kesler

Topics Covered Include

  • A little bit about Brent’s educational and professional background
  • When Brent transitioned from practicing to teaching
  • What they don’t teach you in Chiropractic school
  • How Brent was introduced to the infinite banking concept
  • How Brent used infinite banking to pay off almost a million dollars in debt
  • The first time Brent realized the impact of infinite banking in his own life
  • When the concept was first used in history
  • A general overview of what infinite banking is
  • Why the way most people handle money now leaves them with no control or guarantee
  • How listeners can get Brent’s book “Mapping Out the Millionaire Mystery”
  • How Walt Disney built Disneyland
  • What it means to collaterally borrow
  • Other business owners who used this concept to launch their businesses
  • The possible risk of implementing this concept and how to avoid it
  • How Brent gets paid by his clients and how it benefits them
  • What Brent really teaches to his clients


Brent’s website: https://themoneymultiplier.com/

Clinic Gym Connect: www.clinicgymconnect.com


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Infinite Banking for Clinic Gym Owners with Brent Kesler

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