October 26

How to Use Proprioception with Guido Van Ryssegem

Guido Van Ryssegem is our guest in this episode, a strength conditioning specialist from Oregon. Guido has worked with major baseball teams, worked at universities, and created a school for sports science and sports medicine in China. Guido returns to the show to discuss proprioception as well as widening fields of study.

“The relationship between the 3 senses, effort, force and heaviness, are always related to each other and constantly change. That’s a beautiful thing because we can manipulate it.” – Guido Van Ryssengem

Topics covered include:

  • A refresher on how Guido got into strength conditioning.
  • Cultivating curiosity.
  • What is new and exciting in the world of strength training and conditioning?
  • The difference between balance and proprioception.
  • Effort, force, and heaviness: the missing parts of proprioception.
  • The difference between sense and skill.
  • Defining proprioception.
  • How cultural differences inform our prediction models.
  • How research can affect and change modalities of treatment for individuals.
  • How clinicians are adapting these modalities.
  • Utilizing proprioception research for general population improvements.
  • Overcoming bilateral difference in weight.
  • Using unilateral training for optimization of bilateral strength and vice versa.
  • Identifying where the most potential for gain is.
  • Can proprioception research apply to sports like baseball?
  • Understanding what will have temporary results and what will be longer lasting.
  • Performance versus fitness and understanding the differences to create training programs.
  • Educating your patients on the “why” of what you are doing.


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How to Use Proprioception with Guido Van Ryssegem

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