February 9

How to Use Content Marketing in Chiropractic with Dr. Kevin Christie

Today we are joined by Dr. Kevin Christie, the Godfather of chiropractic marketing. Kevin has been in practice for 16 years and runs Health-Fit Chiropractic and Sports. In the last few years, he has set up the CSA and The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Group, written a book, and expanded his family. In this episode, Kevin discusses creating content-based marketing, the importance of having a strong support team, and takes us through his new book ‘Doing it Right: Modern Chiropractic Marketing.’

“I try to get chiropractors to leverage the fact that we have something interesting to say.” – Kevin Christie.

Topics covered include:

  • The importance of setting goals to make progress.
  • Thee inspiration behind Kevin’s new book ‘Doing it Right: Modern Chiropractic Marketing.’
  • Creating a book with accessible and applicable strategies.
  • What is content marketing?
  • How Kevin arrived at content marketing for chiropractic.
  • Knowing and defining your audience to create strategic content marketing.
  • Making consistent and purposeful content.
  • Why method of content creation doesn’t necessarily matter.
  • Using psychographics and demographics to determine your target audience.
  • Why you need to understand your target audience’s congregation points.
  • How to create your marketing finance plan.
  • How to repurpose and recycle content strategically.
  • Keeping up with marketing trends.
  • Supplementing your content with outside references.
  • Automate, delegate, and optimize: How to start.
  • Having a strong hiring process to get the right team.
  • Advice for new practitioners.


Modern Chiropractic Marketing: www.modernchiropracticmarketing.com

Kevin’s Podcast: www.modernchiropracticmarketing.com/podcast-library

Doing it Right: Modern Chiropractic Marketing: bit.ly/doingitrightmcm

Find out more about Clinic Gym Connect: www.clinicgymconnect.com

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How to Use Content Marketing in Chiropractic with Dr. Kevin Christie

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