March 23

How to Prevent Client Injury with Nate Baker, Nick Baker, and Keith Yoho

On this episode we are joined by a trio of amazing clinic gym hybrid doctors: Nate Baker, Nick Baker, and Keith Yoho. All are chiropractors at Total Performance Clinic who believe in the power of exercise, showing not only that this model can be done, but also showing that it can be done well. There is a lot covered in today’s episode, including how to manage the client experience when transitioning them to the gym, the most important aspects of the clinic gym hybrid model, and how to ensure clients don’t get injured when training.

I had a conversation yesterday with a patient and she said… ‘I need to gain a lot of muscle very quickly,’ and my first thought was ‘no you don’t. You need to not get hurt… And we can build you from there.’” – Nick Baker

Topics Covered Include

  • Where their facility is located and how the space is used.
  • How Keith, Nick, and Nate all came to be into the same practice.
  • What brought them to implement the clinic gym hybrid model.
  • How this model has supported treatment and prevention of injury.
  • Where they found the most benefit from implementing systems.
  • Why you should delegate what you can in your business.
  • How they manage their chiropractic assistants (CAs).
  • Why progressions and regressions are important in a gym setting.
  • How to know when you need to rethink the way you teach an exercise.
  • Why you need to spend time training your trainers.
  • How many times the gym is mentioned to a chiropractic patient.
  • The stages in which they introduce clients into the gym.
  • Why having something unique about your practice is just as important as marketing.
  • Why good service and good treatment doesn’t require nice stuff.
  • Thinking about using your space as a continuing education outlet.


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How to Prevent Client Injury with Nate Baker, Nick Baker, and Keith Yoho

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