September 13

How to Make Your Clinic Gym More Financially Efficient with Mark King

Today we’re joined by Dr. Mark King, who has been in practice for almost 35 years. Since 2001, Mark has served as the President of the Motion Palpation Institute—a role he stepped into after teaching at MPI for several years. You’ll hear Mark share some of the biggest lessons he’s learned throughout his career, and he also shares tips for running a successful practice.

“It’s just like if you have a patient who’s an energy vampire. You know, just sucks the blood out of you every time they come in. Get rid of ‘em, and you’ll get two or three other good ones to replace them. So, if you’ve got something that’s killing you, and squeezing you, and you can’t make any money on it, get rid of it and focus on other areas.” – Mark King

Topics Covered Include

  • When Mark started his first clinic
  • The change Mark has seen over his lengthy chiropractic career
  • Why newly practicing chiropractors should build on what they’re great at
  • How and why to categorize patients
  • The difference between clinically excellent and time efficient
  • The first area of improvement Mark noticed in his clinic
  • Mark’s joke (or warning) to chiropractors seeking new patients
  • The best process to implement for maximizing profit
  • Red flags to look for when hiring employees
  • Why Mark places importance on hiring smart people
  • How highly managed care in Cincinnati has impacted Mark’s business over time
  • How Mark adapts and deals with tight margins in his business
  • Whether chiropractors should be recommending glucosamine, CBD, and other supplements
  • The simple principle Mark emphasizes with all of his patients
  • How to best manage individual differences in patient response
  • The best way to connect with to Mark

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Clinic Gym Radio
How to Make Your Clinic Gym More Financially Efficient with Mark King

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