November 17

How to Improve CrossFit Coaching with Tim Prater

Dr. Tim Prater is our guest in this week’s episode. He runs a unique clinic gym setup in Marion, Ohio, where the clinic and the gym are about half a mile apart in different buildings. He takes us through the layout in these buildings and discusses some adjustments he plans to make. We also get some tips about proper spine position during CrossFit which are especially useful for women. Later, Tim explains why he is not a fan of heart rate monitors.

“You have to be able to find a place where you can push them to the place where they can get uncomfortable enough, but still find their comfort.”  – Tim Prater

Topics covered include:

  • What led Tim to open a gym.
  • The size of Tim’s buildings and changes that he is planning to make to them.
  • Advantages to jumping rope and why it is particularly useful in Ohio.
  • Hiring 8 coaches at Pure Function CrossFit and how they get trained.
  • Thinking about head and neck position during exercise.
  • Asking questions instead of giving queues.
  • Research that Tim has done with heart rate monitors and they’re not an accurate measure of performance.
  • Adjusting your breathing to improve strength, posture, and more.
  • Deadlifts and why they can be very good for strength but can also be detrimental.
  • A lesson that Tim learned from his gym and applied to his clinic, and vice versa.


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How to Improve CrossFit Coaching with Tim Prater

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