October 6

How to Grow Chiropractic Client Relationships Through Marketing with Billy Sticker

Today we are joined by Billy Sticker. Billy heads up ChiroCandy Marketing, an agency designed to help chiropractic clinics find and effectively target their audiences. Utilizing direct and re-targeted marketing, ChiroCandy has developed a system to create a tribe of followers in your market that want your services. Billy has also authored a book, ‘Tribe of Patients.’ to further help clinics foster the community they want.

Billy is here to discuss recovering from COVID-19, understanding the different mindsets of website visitors, and how to create effective, targeted ad campaigns to get you the clients you want.

“You can talk and talk and talk but until you take action, nothing is going to happen.” – Billy Sticker

Topics covered include:

  • How Billy and his wife have dealt with recovery from COVID-19.
  • How to make Facebook ads work for you.
  • Understanding the different mindsets of different website users.
  • Knowing your audience and adapting your marketing to them.
  • Building separate audiences for different platforms.
  • The importance of speedy follow up to complete connections.
  • How targeted marketing works with Google ads.
  • Re-targeting explained.
  • Building your dream client base.
  • The minimal functional audience number every practice should have.
  • How to market to each audience.
  • Incentivising client interaction to continue engagement.

ChiroCandy Marketing: https://www.chirocandymarketing.com/tribe

Tribe of Patients by Billy Sticker and Brady Sticker: https://tribeofpatients.com/free-book

Find out more about Membrandt at: https://membrandt.com

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