December 13

How to Ensure Your Clients Avoid Injury with Dr. Richard Ulm

We’re welcoming Dr. Richard Ulm in this episode. He is the owner of the Columbus Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center in Columbus, Ohio. Richard shares tips for longevity in strength training, how you can help your clients avoid injury, and how his approach has evolved over time.

You just want to stay consistent and stay diligent over time so that they can stay productive over a longer time period and not just try and get as strong as possible as fast as possible.” – Richard Ulm

Topics Covered Include

  • The experiences that led Richard to become a physician
  • The factors that inform how to build a strength program
  • Why issues relating to overactivity of the posterior chain arise
  • What keeps the spine out of pathological extension
  • The tricks that support successful lifts but can indirectly cause problems
  • Why consistency is more important than pushing athletes
  • Why having a variety of exercises and clear intent is important for clients
  • The importance of addressing both internal and external causes of pain
  • Richard’s courses and what they teach
  • Where Richard found a comprehensive explanation of movement and function
  • The extreme ends he sees in his clients
  • Why a strong core isn’t the same as a stable core
  • How Richard’s recommendations for strength training have changed over time
  • Why he came to appreciate functional prerequisites and quality of movement
  • How general fitness capacity influences power athletes

Connect with Richard Ulm:

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How to Ensure Your Clients Avoid Injury with Dr. Richard Ulm

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