December 10

How to Document as a Chiropractor with Gregg Friedman

Today we are joined by Gregg Friedman, a graduate of Arizona State University. While at ASU, he completed the pre-med requirements while getting a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Gregg likes to explain all available options to patients and to serve them where they want to be served. In this episode, Gregg explains the importance of documentation, yet reveals the unnecessary things that chiropractors are documenting like subjective complaints. Stay tuned to hear Gregg discuss what type of outcome questionnaires you should look for and how to properly use two-week trials.

“I interviewed medical doctors – every one of them was burnt out and hated practicing medicine.” -Gregg Friedman

Topics covered include:
– How Gregg started his chiropractic career.
– Competing as a public speaker.
– Measuring the patient’s range of motion.
– The importance of documenting.
– There is no need to over-document – say less and be more specific.
– The top three things not to include in the documentation.
– Look for quick and easy outcome questionnaires.
– Using two-week trials to become more patient-centered.
– Using functional measurements to get beyond the four-week mark.
– Explain to the patients why they need to fill out the outcome questionnaire.
– Treating athletic patients to improve their performance.
– The need to document their performance to determine if care is benefiting their athletic performance.
– The need for data in the chiropractic space – the more data we have, the more we can help people.

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How to Document as a Chiropractor with Gregg Friedman

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