May 4

How to Design a Clinic Gym Hybrid with Carolyn Boldt

On this episode of Clinic Gym Radio, we’re joined by Carolyn Boldt. Carolyn is the VP of Design at CrossFields, Inc. She has designed multiple gyms and chiropractic offices. Her belief is that design creates emotion, so she is very purposeful in her work. Today, she talks about the most important aspects of design, what parts of design you should invest your money in, and how you can be flexible and functional with design. “We’re talking about everything being pretty, but if it doesn’t function well, it doesn’t matter. It’s got to function. We adhere to form follows function.” – Carolyn Boldt Topics Covered Include

  • Why Carolyn believes that design creates emotion
  • How this belief influenced her desire to become an interior designer
  • Why you need to be intentional with design space
  • Real life examples of how design impacts the customer experience
  • The kind of design that equates to a lower economic level
  • How you can charge a premium just by changing your presentation
  • Tips for gym and chiropractic office design (what to do and what to avoid)
  • The 5 Designer Checklist that Carolyn created and what’s on it
  • Why it’s better in invest in products that last
  • The influence that a design aspect like lighting can have
  • Why it’s even more important to hire a designer when you’re combining spaces together
  • How the design at Disney lends itself to the ultimate customer service experience
  • How it helps to have a professional come in and analyze your space
  • Why most clients approach Crossfields for design support
  • How design helps you consider your clients and target market

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Carolyn has created a special page for our listeners to get free resources easily, and a 30% discount to 2 virtual products:

Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
How to Design a Clinic Gym Hybrid with Carolyn Boldt

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