May 25

How to Become an Independent Practitioner with Dr. Aaron LeBauer

We’re joined by Dr. Aaron LeBauer in this episode. Aaron is an expert in the world of physical therapy, especially in the “cash PT world”, and for those who want to break the chains of working strictly within the hospital industry. He helps physical therapists who want to build their own clinic realize their dream through workshops and coaching. “The whole idea is to not be handcuffed by a third party when I’m trying to make the best decision for my patients.” – Aaron LeBauer Topics Covered Include

  • Aaron’s recent conference and how it came to be
  • The trends that Aaron is seeing now in physical therapy
  • Why it’s difficult for practitioners to stay independent
  • The change that practitioners need to make before going independent
  • Tips on how you can approach sales differently
  • How to refine the method you use for sales
  • What inspired Aaron to go down this road in his career
  • Why Aaron decided to treat people the way he believed they should be treated
  • How starting your own physical therapy practice supports freedom
  • What physical therapists can learn from chiropractors
  • The train of thought of physical therapists who seem to struggle the most
  • The difference between mindsets of physical therapists versus chiropractors
  • Why Aaron doesn’t think massage therapists should try and get insurance coverage
  • Why practitioners struggle to charge what they’re worth
  • Aaron’s favorite success stories
  • What happens when students come to you burnt out
  • Courses that are beneficial and others that have not been as useful
  • Where to learn more about Aaron’s conference

  Aaron’s Website – Clinic Gym Connect –

Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
How to Become an Independent Practitioner with Dr. Aaron LeBauer

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