March 30

How to Ask Patients the Right Questions with Dr. Michael Massey

In this episode we are welcoming Dr. Michael Massey. Not only does Dr. Massey run his own clinical practice, but he also partnered with a friend and started Practice Mechanics. The mission at Practice Mechanics is to be the one-stop resource for administrative, billing, and risk management needs. Additionally, to provide a repository for evidence-based clinical evaluation and treatment instruction. Today, Dr. Massey is sharing tips on administrative practices, how to ask your patients the right questions, and why you should focus on the patient experience.

I think the mistake a lot of people make is complacency… if you’ve seen somebody and you’re familiar with them… and they call and make an appointment and come in… a lot of people go ‘I know that person, I know what they’ve got’… and they just continue the treatment as if they never missed a beat. That’s when you miss things.” – Dr. Michael Massey

Topics Covered Include

  • Why Dr. Massey decided to start Practice Mechanics
  • What stands out to him about chiropractic students or those newly in the practice
  • What knowledge gap students typically have once they graduate
  • The biggest issues Dr. Massey addresses with his clients who have been in practice for some time
  • Common mistakes that are made when opening a new practice
  • Why administrative skills are not prioritized or celebrated
  • The importance of having strong administrative skills in your practice
  • Tips on using the EHR (electronic health record) effectively
  • Common mistakes chiropractors make with their long-term patients
  • The suggested time range between evaluation and reevaluation
  • How to ask your patients the right questions
  • The most common complaints Dr. Massey has heard in the medical legal cases he’s dealt with
  • Why it’s important to focus on the customer experience
  • How you can put yourself in the patient’s shoes and reflect on the way your practice looks


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How to Ask Patients the Right Questions with Dr. Michael Massey

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