November 22

How Outside Forces Are Innovating in Healthcare

Let’s explore the future of healthcare and all its possibilities, especially given the latest developments in this space. Whether you have already built a clinic gym hybrid model or you’re just thinking about it, this episode will help you recognize the innovation being brought into healthcare by outside forces and the lessons you can learn to make your business better.

The front entry portal is the most expensive, and it doesn’t pay that well, and it doesn’t pay over the long term.” – Dr. Josh Satterlee

Topics Covered Include

  • The company that surprised Josh when it got into the healthcare industry
  • The aspects of healthcare that are getting a facelift and why
  • How telemedicine is expanding in the healthcare space
  • Why creating a long-term solution makes for a better business model
  • Why telemedicine is a profitable industry to get involved with
  • How creating a long-term plan with clients will benefit both them and your business
  • Opportunities available to make money through Amazon using FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)
  • How Amazon proved naysayers wrong with their various healthcare endeavors
  • The importance of accepting factual information, even when it’s uncomfortable
  • Why expertise is an even more valuable asset in gyms today
  • How one golf expert made his business more effective by simply going virtual
  • Why you should make sure your business has a membership program in place before anything else
  • What Josh is thankful for at this time of year

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Clinic Gym Radio
How Outside Forces Are Innovating in Healthcare

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