March 15

How Lindsay Mumma Works With Pregnant and Postpartum Women

On this episode of Clinic Gym Radio we’re joined by Lindsay Mumma, owner of Triangle Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center in Raleigh, NC. Lindsay opens up about her career and how she gained a special interest working with prenatal, pregnant, and postpartum women. She also talks about the benefit of women training in a way that aligns with their cycle and why she’s so passionate about the work she does.

What would be the point of doing a one rep max in pregnancy? There really isn’t a point unless what you’re doing is just attempting to train the strength and endurance of your major muscle groups, and in so doing you happen to hit a one rep max that’s okay.” – Lindsay Mumma

Topics Covered Include

  • Lindsay’s profession and what she specializes in
  • Why Lindsay had a special interest in prenatal care
  • The book every health professional who works with pregnant women should read
  • Why Lindsay doesn’t believe that pregnancy “ruins” a woman’s body
  • Why a woman’s core has to change in pregnancy
  • How CrossFit revolutionized exercise
  • Common ideas about pregnancy and exercise that are not supported by data
  • What Lindsay accidentally discovered in pregnancy
  • The difference between hitting a physical one rep max and a neurological one rep max
  • How hitting a PR in pull-ups can be life changing, especially for young people
  • Lindsay’s inspiration to create a program based on a woman’s cycle
  • Why it’s important to know your customer better than they know themselves
  • The part of Lindsay’s business she never takes for granted
  • The secret to making gym membership pricing a non-issue
  • What the biggest takeaway of this episode should be
  • How listeners can connect with Lindsay and learn more


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How Lindsay Mumma Works With Pregnant and Postpartum Women

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