February 7

How Jane App Can Make Your Clinic Life Easier

We’re welcoming Meghan Menzel from Jane App in this week’s episode. Jane is Josh’s favorite EMR and record keeping software. After 9 years of working at a chiropractic clinic, Meghan joined their team about 5 years ago. Today, she’ll be sharing tips and tricks that users of Jane may not be aware of and can begin taking advantage of right now.

That’s one of the things that I loved about Jane, and why I was so passionate about wanting to work for Jane. I recognized that there were so many aspects of my job that Jane really acted like a co-worker with me.” – Meghan Menzel

Topics Covered Include

  • How Meghan ended up at Jane after using it in her own workplace
  • The “relationships” feature on Jane and why it excites Meghan so much
  • A costly mistake that Josh once made which Jane would have prevented
  • A brand-new feature that Jane is launching
  • Setting up classes and why the attendance data that Jane tracks is useful
  • Why Meghan loves the “product performance report” and thinks it is underutilized
  • How the software can be used to help practitioners determine changes in revenue
  • Analyzing compensation numbers using Jane and examining the data to identify issues
  • The different income categories in Jane and examples of possible usage scenarios
  • Meghan’s top 3 picks for which reports to look at to gauge overall clinic health
  • How Jane can prevent you from bombarding your patients with too many messages
  • Why people often don’t explore the “language” section of Jane, but should (it doesn’t mean what you think it does)
  • The customer support representative team at Jane
Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
How Jane App Can Make Your Clinic Life Easier

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