January 4

How Easy Money Can Transform Your Clinic

Today, Josh sits down on his own to talk about why he started this podcast. This is the perfect way to kick off the new year because it’s a chance to reflect on the idea of easy money in your clinic, including what easy money is, why you should have more of it in your schedule, and how it can transform your clinic.

Man, it is sometimes tough to be a chiropractor. And man, it sucks to be broke. I have been broke as a chiropractor, and it sucks bad. I hate seeing broke chiropractors. I would say that in the world of chiropractic, no one publishes the cheat codes.” – Dr. Josh Satterlee

Topics Covered Include

  • What motivated Josh to start this podcast
  • Why he talks often about the clinic gym model
  • Why easy money is important in a 1-1 service model business
  • Satterlee’s clinic set up and business model
  • Why he ended up having to move his clinic
  • How evaluations can bring in easy money
  • The type of clients that are typically attracted to their business
  • Why it’s important to work easy money opportunities into your schedule
  • How to define what “easy money” means for you
  • Why you should consider the care you want to provide versus your business model
  • What the goal of the clinic gym model is
  • How a membership or monthly recurring revenue option could transform your business
  • The importance of signing up your client for their membership as quickly as possible
  • An equation to help you figure out how many members you can have
  • The easiest way to think about what your membership price should be
  • How to define what your priorities are


Clinic Gym Connect – www.clinicgymconnect.com

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Clinic Gym Radio
How Easy Money Can Transform Your Clinic

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