May 31

How Cameron Gholampour Opened a Clinic Gym During the Pandemic

Joining the show today is Dr. Cameron Gholampour, a chiropractor based in Tampa. Graduating in 2020 at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cam had a slightly bumpy start to his career as a chiropractor. However, he now operates a clinic gym hybrid practice called Strength and Spine Chiropractic. He is with us to discuss opening his own practice and making marketing different.

“From the outside in, you can tell it’s not going to be the conventional doctor’s office experience.” – Dr. Cameron Gholampour

Topics covered include:

  • About Cam’s journey from graduation to practice during the pandemic.
  • How the pandemic shaped Cam’s path to opening his practice.
  • About Cam’s history as a strength and training coach.
  • Surprising lessons that Cam learned in his first six months in practice.
  • The hidden costs of the clinic gym hybrid.
  • The differences between what Cam thought the business model would be and what it has become.
  • How Cam navigates his relationship with his onsite trainer Nicole.
  • About Cam’s clinic uniform and marketing in a different way.
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to mix the gym space and clinic space.
  • Counteracting first impressions when your office is in a less than desirable location.
  • Creating a personal approach to patient care.
  • How Cam creates authentic video content.
  • Which video content gets the best response from Cam’s audience?
  • Mistakes that Cam made and learned from while in school.
  • A valuable takeaway Cam has from the Clinic Gym Radio Facebook group.
  • Dealing with uncomfortable conversations.
  • Minimizing no-show appointments.
  • Who are Cam’s best patients?
  • How to appeal to parents of child patients and the patients themselves.

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Clinic Gym Radio
How Cameron Gholampour Opened a Clinic Gym During the Pandemic

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