May 10

How Brett Winchester’s Patient Mindset Changed Over Time

This week we’re welcoming Dr. Brett Winchester. He’s been a chiropractor for 18 years, and along the way he’s learned a lot and has become connected with some of the best in the industry. Brett shares with us how his clinic approach and patient mindset has transformed over time.

The analogy I always give my patients is: you don’t put braces on your teeth and wake up the next day and your teeth are exactly how we want them. So, when we’re making changes with the body, it can take time.” – Brett Winchester

Topics Covered Include

  • Recent experiences in Brett’s career
  • The passion project Brett started during COVID that became so much more
  • Where contemporary chiropractic students are getting lost
  • Why having tools isn’t as important as knowing how to use them
  • One way to demonstrate confidence in your skills
  • How active listening and building rapport supports patient trust
  • The most important question to ask your patient
  • What Brett is moving away from in his clinic (and what he’s doing more of)
  • How imaging can influence a patient’s ability to identify a problem
  • How Brett’s mindset towards patient function has changed over time
  • What Brett learned from being based in a small town
  • Why it’s important to exercise patience while building trust in the community
  • Mastering manipulation skills
  • The layout Brett prefers for a clinic gym hybrid model and why
  • Brett’s four non-negotiables in his clinic
  • Where chiropractors are picking sides when they don’t necessarily need to

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How Brett Winchester's Patient Mindset Changed Over Time

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