November 10

Going BIG: From Small Time to 100,000 square foot Sports Facility with Dr. Beau Daniels

Residing in Thousand Oaks, California, Dr. Beau Daniels is a seasoned practitioner of Sports Medicine. He is the co-owner of Body Dynamix Chiropractic & Performance and now a partner of a very well-known sports facility, the Sports Academy. Sports Academy is a hundred thousand-square foot facility that offers specialized trainings, leagues, camps, clinics, and programs for athletes.

The outcome of the dream:

With the fear of the risks in expanding the practice, many chiropractors and fitness advocates fail to open up doors to more opportunities and chances. In this episode, Dr. Beau Daniels shares crucial insights and tips to maximize the practice of chiropractic and sports medicine. He told many inspiring stories on how he was able to get a very big break – literally starting with just an inspiring idea to being able to devise a way to realize this dream.

Get inspired from the following:

  • Motivations on putting up your own sports/fitness/chiropractic facility
  • Knowing what your practice can better offer
  • The role of establishing and maintaining relationships for a starter

Helpful Points:

  • The quality of a sports facility is measured by the different program and services it offers. With this, multi-disciplinary approach should be considered. This means that a sports facility should be based on practices and disciplines that can be integrated. For example, a sports facility can offer a program that integrates Sports Science, Physical Therapy, and/or Chiropractic.
  • Likewise, Sports Academy follows a multi-disciplinary approach in terms of the service it provides. You may visit the link below to check on how inclusive their program is.
  • A starter getting himself involved in a facility like this should focus on funding on resources – “in the right space, and the right time.”
  • Establishing linkages and relationships also play a significant role in getting your very dream. Being able to provide a service that other people can’t offer is a good factor in having a cohesive relationship. For example, you practice Chiropractic while the other person may offer service regarding Sports Medicine. Being able to fill the limitation of each other’s disciplines through integration can be a key in this kind of line – it’s also a key to becoming multi-disciplinary and inclusive.
  • Beau also highlighted the importance of exploring your practice and what more it can offer. He was able to invest on whatever success he currently enjoys. Like him, being afraid to expand is inevitable in every business but you should not let fear negate your dreams. There are many ways to your dream and be patient on your success. Blend different aspects of training and fitness to be able to offer a very good program that everyone knows and remembers.

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Going BIG: From Small Time to 100,000 square foot Sports Facility with Dr. Beau Daniels

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