September 1

Full Body Integration with Michele Desser

Today we are joined by Michele Desser, SFMA instructor and Director of Seminars with Functional Movement Systems. Michelle is also a Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, and team member at TPI. Currently based in San Diego, Michelle believes in treating the system as a whole instead of just the symptoms. She joins us today to discuss the SFMA, broadening treatment perspectives and the way in which cumulative experience builds intuition.

“Not everyone is going to move perfectly, and that’s not our goal. Our goal is to figure out what’s causing stress in your system, minimize that stress, and allow you to be the most effective at whatever it is you love.” – Michele Desser

Topics covered include:

  • Michele’s journey from New York to San Diego.
  • Her experiences working in an outpatient physiotherapy clinic right out of college.
  • How working with high school athletes helped change her perspective on assessment.
  • Working to change the healthcare model and scope of assessment.
  • Learning to go beyond rehabilitation with the SFMA.
  • Challenging the notion of what perfect movement can be.
  • Minimizing stress on the system and identifying strengths.
  • Earning trust.
  • The benefits of the SFMA and how it has affected how she works.
  • Recognizing interdependent symptoms.
  • Incorporating mental aspects into treatment.
  • Understanding full body integration.
  • Recognizing that not everything works for every patient.
  • The importance of retesting.
  • Clinical intuition and cumulative experience.

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Full Body Integration with Michele Desser

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