January 19

From Zero to Hybrid with Dr. Daniel Leonard

Dr. Daniel Leonard is our very first client here at Clinic Gym Hybrid who took a step into actually growing his business. He’s the Director of a clinic in Columbus, Ohio called Central Ohio Spine and Joint. Take a listen as we discuss how he grew his practice from a small office space with a smelly dungeon to a huge, 5000 sq ft. facility by adopting the Clinic Gym Hybrid business model and getting a step ahead of other practitioners. Discover how he did it with our guidance and the impact it had to his practice and business revenue.


“Were doing our patients a dissatisfaction if we are not offering some type of fitness solution for them or for not selling them on what we have to offer”.

  • How the clinic gym hybrid business model helped him transition from having a small clinic with a dungeon to a large, beautiful clinic space with a gym that they got to design themselves.
  • What having a clinic gym hybrid did for his practice and his business revenue. How he can see more clients now and maximize his capacity as a care provider.
  • How to connect with clients and discuss how they can benefit more to see the personal trainer for a focused one on one training when they have already benefitted from acute care.
  • How’s his process of converting clients from clinic and advanced rehab into actual gym clients.
  • How sales training provided by Clinic Gym Hybrid, as much as most Chiros hate it, helped him to connect more effectively with his clients by identifying their needs and goals.
  • Success stories of clients that he had in their new facility.
  • Numbers: How much the new business model improve his revenue in comparison with his old model and how it’s still growing.
  • Reasons he’s more confident to take time offs nowadays with the new business model and how he can afford to get sick for a week now without worry.
  • The challenges he experienced transitioning from a zero to a hybrid clinic. 

Crucial Takeaways:

  • Having a trainer work with him helped his practice even more as it provided him the option to get his clients into the advanced rehab program as fast as possible to continue working with the trainer and eventually transition into the fitness side.
  • Clients see more value on focused one on one training of stretching, activation exercises and strength movements than just coming in for manual treatment especially when their pain has been addressed and stabilized. They are more willing to continue with care if you can show them that now they need to work on the strength side of therapy.
  • You have to learn how to tap into the more emotional aspect of the sales process and identify why clients pay for program. Start from day one by talking to them and identifying their goals, how does this affect their life and follow-up through the entire process. Get them out of their pain and help them play with their kids and prevent reoccurrence.
  • Help your clients who are good candidates for the gym envision their goals, their wants and desires by sitting them down and talking to them how they are a good fit for a small group training.
  • It is crucial to know who you are doing this for: your family, your patients, your staff, your community and see how they would benefit from this program. When you start to realize that you find yourself taking all excuses off the board.

Dan’s clinic website: http://cospineandjoint.com/

Spine and Joint Central Ohio facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CentralOhioSpineAndJoint/

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From Zero to Hybrid with Dr. Daniel Leonard

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