November 10

Evaluating Chiropractic Messaging with Jon Morrison

Today we are joined by Jon Morrison for a workshop on clarifying the message you send to your patients. Jon Morrison heads up Get Clear, a message focused marketing business that helps brands create clear, story-driven messaging. Jon has also recently founded Clinic Sites, a company that creates websites for clinics while utilizing Jane integration. In this episode, Jon evaluates 3 chiropractic websites and offers his feedback on how to improve their messaging, creating clarity through site layouts, and the importance of emphasizing what you can do for your patients.

“I’m just the chiropractic website guy who helps people with their messaging, getting ranked on Google, and just looking good. You don’t want to have a dated site.” – Jon Morrison

Topics covered include:

  • Creating clear and concise messaging with your website.
  • How Jon provides value no matter the budget.
  • The difference between owning and leasing your site content.
  • Why creating websites with Jane app integration is a benefit for clinics.
  • Creating sites that reflect what you do.
  • The importance of relevant headlines.
  • Presenting clarity of information through website layout.
  • Earning your target audiences’ trust.
  • Why you need to emphasize your authority.
  • What should be included on your landing page.
  • The benefits of including testimonials on your site.
  • Showing your process to potential clients.
  • Where and how to include calls to action on your site.
  • Articulating problems and presenting solutions.
  • The importance of acting as a guide for clients.


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Evaluating Chiropractic Messaging with Jon Morrison

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