May 12

Level Up through ChiroUp with Dr. Brandon Steele

Dr. Brandon Steele is the co-founder of ChiroUp – an online resource for chiropractors to get them updated with the current research and recommended protocols  for common conditions seen in chiropractic. This system empowers chiropractors to access and apply techniques that were shared by experts, and have them distilled for use In the field. Listen as he discusses helpful insights regarding what his company provides and how they can improve your practice.

“If you get somebody out of pain, they are going to tell 50 others people about the care in your clinic”.  – Dr Brandon Steele

  • Dr. Steele and Dr. Satterlee talked about different expectations and realities in implementing the “best practices” in the field.
  • Dr. Steele differentiated evidence-based practice and evidence-informed practice.
  • He highlighted the value of getting good online content and reviews.
  • They mentioned that established connections and relationship are implications of good service.
  • They also discussed some rehab conditions and their corresponding considerations.

Crucial Takeaways:

  • As chiropractors, it’s not always getting into the trend and trying to implement newly found methodologies. It should always be finding the best and the most appropriate practice for a particular condition and a particular client.
  • There are clear-cut differences between evidence-based practice and evidence-informed practice. Chiropractic should be a consideration of both practices – especially when one practice doesn’t work.
  • Chiropractors should not forget to deliver the most human(istic) piece so that people can better feel and appreciate their service.
  • Good service and satisfaction ratings from clients will lead to better customer-relationship and MD connections.
  • There are a lot of protocols and practices in Chiropractic. The success and the best method varies from condition to condition and from person to person.

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Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
Level Up through ChiroUp with Dr. Brandon Steele

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