May 6

Building that Marketing Central Hub: Chiropractic Marketing with Kevin Christie

Dr. Kevin Christie is the host of Modern Chiropractic Marketing Podcast. His show talks about the hottest and up-to-date marketing business development strategies for modern chiropractic. In this episode, Dr. Kevin Christie and Dr. Josh Satterlee shares useful and resourceful strategies and techniques to help business people boost their market.

“Chiropractors need to be consistent.” –Kevin Christie

  • Christie talks about the value of consistency in marketing.
  • Christie and Satterlee share wonderful techniques and strategies to boost the market of a business.
  • He highlights the importance of putting up a website for a particular business.
  • They will also share some of the useful tools to personalize and organize your very own marketing strategy.


  • There can be many ways to utilize and maximize the land you own and the land you rent.
  • In marketing, there can be strategies and techniques that may either be expensive or inexpensive. It is within your control on how you can make these as worthy profits.
  • Consider building your marketing in your very own property. A website is an example of real marketing property that is yours.
  • Use website as the epicenter of marketing. Websites should be designed as a central resource in your practice. It should also be optimized, timely, and compelling. Have this as a central hub that will provide great content and reasons for people to come back.
  • With an established website, businesses can be ensured of great engagement and activity from the target niche. These positive reactions will be your lead.

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Building that Marketing Central Hub: Chiropractic Marketing with Kevin Christie

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