April 20

Getting THAT Reach: Chiropractic and Marketing with Jon Morrison

Jon Morrison is a well-known Story Brand guide who helps business people advance the reach of their businesses. He has been working with various chiropractors to get them more competitive in terms of Marketing.

In this podcast, he shares his ideas regarding the role of Marketing in Chiropractic. Listen as he enumerates important considerations you need to do in order to strengthen the market of your business.


“You don’t need to make a distinction, just help people get free from pain and make them feel better.” – Jon Morisson

  • Jon Morisson highlights the importance of the evidence informed practice in Marketing.
  • He also talks about several issues and challenges of some chiropractors in Marketing.
  • Morisson points out the relevance of introducing a problem-outcome story or content to the people.
  • They will also share some notable tips to put up Story-Branded sites and pages for businesses.

Crucial Takeaway:

  • In getting a good reach in the Chiropractic business, distinction shouldn’t be the focus. It should be helping people free from pain and making them feel better. Good treatment and rehab outcomes can produce a great reach and reputation.
  •  Chiropractors should consider the evidence informed practice. This means that local experience and expertise should be brought together in order to create a much more authentic Story Brand or content. This is more patient-centered because it provides actual and not made up stories of pain and success from past and current patients.
  • Some sites and pages in the Chiropractor industry provides complicated language which makes it hard for visitors to understand the goal of the practice. Chiropractors should always consider the audience and show these audience the perspective of what happens in reality – wherein there is always pain before getting treated.
  • In every story or content, a problem should be introduced to get the people hooked and interested. Focus also on the outcomes to get people inspired and hopeful about the case they are currently experiencing.
  • Businesses can make better human connections through good reviews and testimonials. 

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Getting THAT Reach: Chiropractic and Marketing with Jon Morrison

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