April 8

Rehab to Fitness to Success: More About Fitness with Dr. Tom Teter

In his interview with Dr. Josh Satterlee, Dr. Tom Teter talked about the multi-faceted area of fitness and training. Dr. Teter is an Associate Professor and Program Director of Fitness and Wellness at Park University. He is also the inventor and pioneer of Rehab to Fitness – a fitness programming for optimal function and performance. Tune into the podcast as he shares wonderful insights and issues relating to fitness and training.

“You don’t have to be the person who does the fitness, you just have to speak to a trainer.” – Dr. Tom Teter

  • Dr. Tom Teter established the importance of fitness across different specializations in the field.
  • He also explained what should be the best things to consider in order to have fitness integration among health facilities and clinics.
  • He also shared insights on people’s issues regarding fitness and exercise.
  • He recommended some important courses that can help aspiring people to get into fitness and fitness instruction. 

Crucial takeaway:

  • All people should be involved in exercise and fitness. However, this is really difficult to attain especially not all people have athletic aspirations. Generally, people find it really hard to get themselves to engage into exercise.
  • Clinicians should realize and value the importance of fitness. Clinicians of any specialization should start investing on creating programs that promotes the overall fitness and wellness of patients.
  • Aspiring trainers should see how fitness works for a bigger picture. They should also discover the different micro-aspects of fitness in order to perform well in the actual practice.
  • Referral also play as an important success indicator for trainers.  Since referral is more of an issue of trust, trainers should consider improving their higher-value relationship and communication to people.
  • Clinicians in all sorts of specialization should realize the many opportunities they can get if they can be able to maximize the reach of their license.

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Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
Rehab to Fitness to Success: More About Fitness with Dr. Tom Teter

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