March 25

Clinicians melting pot: Going interdisciplinary with Behnad Honarbakhsh

Behnad Honarbakhsh is one of the practicing clinicians of Fit To Train (Human Performance Systems Inc.). This system and group of clinicians showcases an interdisciplinary approach to interweave health, rehab and training. In his interview with Dr. Josh Satterlee, he discussed the strengths and challenges of maintaining a system that offers different kinds of modalities.


In order to provide better care, we need time. When we have that time with the clients, a big part of what we do is we educate them.” – Behnad Honarbakhsh

  • Behnad showcases the strengths of clinical integration and mentorship.
  • In order to educate clients with their status and the treatment they deserve, clinicians should give time and communicate well with them.
  • The different modalities may share similar aspects and skill sets in their respective toolbox – these shall be discovered and used hand in hand to treat clients.
  • The psychology of human interaction also plays a crucial role in maintaining an interdisciplinary system.
  • Putting up an interdisciplinary system requires feedback to track progress and development of practicing clinicians.

Key Takeaways:

  • The different modalities and practices may cross paths and turn into a well-defined system. An interdisciplinary approach to treatment offers a wide range of appropriate services for varying kinds of cases and different types of people.
  • Clinicians should provide time with clients. Giving time equates to educating clients and letting them know their status. This can also motivate and boost the confidence of clients in looking forward to their betterment.
  • Understanding the human behaviour is the key to being a good clinician. Clinicians should learn how to behave with certain kind of people, what can be the best way to get them treated, and how to motivate them.
  • In a system that offers different kinds of modalities, a non-existence of hierarchy is crucial. The system should be able to find the similarities among these clinicians and let them celebrate each one’s successes. The communication and the similarity in wavelength can provide a better transition for referrals and clients.
  • Hiring a person is not just limited to the assessment of knowledge. What is more important is the want and the passion of the applicant to do the job.
  • “Caring” is a multi-faceted term that goes beyond the definition and the concept. The true meaning of “caring” shall be felt by the clients.

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Clinic Gym Radio
Clinicians melting pot: Going interdisciplinary with Behnad Honarbakhsh

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