March 19

What’s up girl: An empowering perspective to rehabilitation and wellness with Dr. Aline Thompson

Dr. Aline Thompson, the owner of Level Up Rehab, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who strongly applies and believes in wellness more than just the traditional and conventional rehabilitation in treating people in pain. In this podcast, she showed how women can truly lead and empower the present and future of the field and the practice. Tune in as Aline Thompson shares her vulnerabilities and success starter pack before she was able to put up the Level Up Rehab.


“Lead by example… show how caring, commitment, and hardwork can payoff.” – Aline Thompson

  • There is no easy way in putting up any kind of business or facility. Issues will always arise due to idealism and perfectionism.
  • She exemplifies how women are currently getting into the paradigm of rehabilitation instruction and practice.
  • She shared both ideal and realistic perspective in putting up a business or facility related to rehabilitation.
  • Most of the times, the only thing that hinders a person to seek out opportunities is the person him/herself – which is caused by his/her fear, anxiety, or insecurities.


  • Wellness works wonders in treating people in pain.
  • Sometimes the struggle to overcome vulnerabilities are brought by becoming too ideal and perfectionist. People should take off the armour of perfectionism in order to produce and achieve an authentic and reality-based output.
  • Women should continue to enter, empower, and lead the paradigm of rehabilitation. Women shall not be afraid to take opportunities.
  • The perspective of success in a business vary in terms of context and society. Do not live by the expectations of the people around you.
  • For those who want to pursue the field, always see the importance of books and courses. However, what is more important is being able to connect the dots and apply the concepts and knowledge to practice.

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What’s up girl: An empowering perspective to rehabilitation and wellness with Dr. Aline Thompson

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