July 28

EMR versus CRM with Jim Hacking

In today’s episode of Clinic Gym Radio, host Josh Satterlee is joined by Jim Hacking from St. Louis, Missouri. Jim is an immigration attorney and the host of the Maximum Lawyer podcast and Facebook group that has grown to around 3400 law firm owners. Jim has been running the groups and podcast for 4 years now and focuses the podcast on small firm, solo lawyers who want to improve their business model and marketing.

I’m a huge believer in doing that which only you can do and leaving the other stuff to everybody else.” – Jim Hacking

Topics covered include:

  • Jim’s niche marketing videos and their success
  • The challenge that Jim placed upon himself to drive his own action
  • Long-tail search and why Jim utilizes these terms
  • Discovering that his videos were speaking to people
  • What Jim has learned from the long process of assisting people in getting green cards
  • The team assembled in Jim’s business to minimize work and maximize accuracy
  • Making the process for any client as simple and painless as possible
  • Jim’s “before”, “during” and “after” unit approach to clients
  • Electronic medical records and some restrictions that they have
  • Where you should really be putting your clients’ data
  • Marketing to clients that have already given you their business
  • Having a relationship with clients and why many don’t remember their previous chiropractor
  • Maintaining business by staying in touch and sharing success stories


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Check out Maximum Lawyer here.

Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
EMR versus CRM with Jim Hacking

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