May 8

Egoscue Method with Brian Bradley

Brian Bradley runs all the outreach for the Egoscue Method and their excellent outdoor workout called “The Patch”. The Patch is a perfect version of a clinic/gym hybrid model, where the “workout” is a continuation of the “rehab”.

Brian also discusses the power of functional rehab, and how he believes we can help patients and their seemingly serious conditions thru getting their body and movement functional again.  This applies to chronic pain sufferers and to NFL players dealing with CTE.

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I want to give you a free chapter of my Clinic Gym Hybrid Secrets book. This book is all about growing your chiropractic clinic in all fronts. There are tons of lists, guides, and incredible tried-and-true solutions.

Brian also offers a special breathing course to our listeners, which can be found at http://egoscue.com/breathe

You can reach Brian at bbradley@egoscue.com

Clinic Gym Radio
Clinic Gym Radio
Egoscue Method with Brian Bradley

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