June 1

Education and Innovation with Brad Cox

On this episode of Clinic Gym Radio we’re joined by Brad Cox. Brad is the co-founder of Acumobility, which is an education and mobility/athletic products company. Brad is going to talk about how Acumobility came to be a product company as well as an education company, and discusses why education is so important in this industry.

I think a lot of people have ideas, they wanna make something, they wanna do something… The process behind that is both incredibly fascinating… but it’s also incredibly challenging. The challenges don’t get easier, they just get bigger.” – Brad Cox

Topics Covered Include

  • What Acumobility does and how they came to make a product in the first place
  • Why they focus on innovation rather than iteration
  • Where the Acumobility ball is made and what it’s made of
  • How one of their patients helped build the Acumobility ball prototype
  • The ways in which Brad relates to the book “Shoe Dog”
  • Brad’s gratitude for the support he got from his community
  • Why education is the foundation of the Acumobility product line
  • Early memorable stories of starting Acumobility
  • Why connecting with people during education is the most fun part for Brad
  • The resources that Acumobility is launching online soon
  • The advice Brad would give to a new practitioner who wants to build up their clinic
  • How to build trust and authority with your patients
  • Why you can’t underinvest in your own development
  • What Brad calls “the magic sauce” to blow people’s minds in education
  • Why focusing on simplicity is crucial in teaching
  • Why it’s okay to not know the answer and how to be honest about this with your patients


Acumobility website: https://acumobility.com/

Clinic Gym Connect – www.clinicgymconnect.com

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Clinic Gym Radio
Education and Innovation with Brad Cox

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